Is sunny everywhere! 

What’s all you can think of now that could make you crazy happy ? Is it reachable ? Well sometimes it is , it seems to be in front of our eyes believe it or not small and insignificant for many but totally worth it.LIfe it’s a huge puzzle with missing pieces some don’t make any sense whatsoever therefore we have to make them fit , that’s the hardest part of all it takes effort and intelligence in some cases just a bit of common sense to realize that it’s possible.


Political correct ? 

Does your body reflects what your mouth says ? Not all the time huh !!! Well it’s well known the fact that body language has lots to do with people’s reaction they called it feedback , that’s when someone says to you well this is what I think about you say …… Sounds easy right ? Well it’s not we all expect good feedbacks but they are hard to get specially when are from strangers people to don’t know by any meaning random as we all know that’s why is good to be political correct . Have consistency of what we say and what our bodies also try to express that congrensy it’s hard but possible to obtain a very simple tip would be being political correct get in everybody’s minds once in while get you a better sense of this term and the actual meaning of it as well. 


South Africa 

Paradise on earth ? For those who lived in the high tech world might be a luxury to go and Safari for a few days have a glass of wine and take great shots of exotic creatures is a privilege in fact to take a crazy hours plane ride.But for the unfortunate ones the same scenario is no more then a critical non stop nightmare, once again life show us one thing “life is a bitch ” the saying is not truth otherwise it would be easier !!!!!!  


True religion 

Years of experience and socializing not to mention what I watched on the news . Make me think , is there a true religion ? One that really does the right thing.Apparently not ,right ? Some of them ask you to kill ,some just accumulate stolen money , and so on , if you asked me I ll follow one calls God and practice love and try to do good to that people who doesn’t like me or are just bad.Thats true religion right there share and be nice it’s what you should be calling religion this is not about worship images or go to a room every other Sunday and repeat till you get bored the same exact thing people!!!! Do the things you refuse to do because of pride or ignorance , take this religion thing to a new whole level my dear reader !!!!! 

Is it ok to be backwards ? 

Many people would say it’s ok to be different , some would say different is not nice someone just would shut up and hate it in silence. 

But the truth is that as long as you get things done and with common sense and don’t hurt anybody on the way it’s all gravy.why not ? Right is always a good think ,to get to know people who wanted to act with inteligence it gives you hope and encouragement that will help the life cycle just make things easier for each of us , doesn’t hurt.